Saturday, July 21, 2012

Presidential Personality Profiles - John McCain

To be perfectly honest, I do not have anything interesting at all to say about John McCain. His stereotype is fairly accurate. There isn't much more I can add. On top of that, I can't relate to his character therefore making it difficult to have a deep, personal insight about him. Despite this, I figure I would write about him anyways just to have all my bases covered. Here goes nothing:

John "The Maverick" McCain. He is man who has nothing to hide, because frankly he would have a hard time comprehending telling something besides whatever is running through his head at that very moment. Saying that he is  erratic, arrogant, jealous, and not the smartest crayon in the box would not be inaccurate.  Just saying that though, doesn't capture the good things about John. He wants to be a statesman. He wants to make his father proud. He wants to do what is right. But honestly, he just isn't very good at being good.

Despite long political works to the contrary, I believe McCain is the type of man who is true to his word. Though he might not exactly understand or comprehend what his word is. He doesn't flip-flop so much as he is just easily convinced what is "right" is constantly changing; which, to be fair, it is. Just perhaps not as fast or as often or as politically convenient as he changes his mind. 

He's the easily manipulated schoolyard bully who is a bit slow on the uptake. The cool kids on the playground make fun of someone behind their back. These "cool kids" want McCain to do something - mainly for their own amusement - so they drop subtle hints to him. Nothing overt. Nothing that doesn't have plausible deniability. He picks up on it and becomes convinced that he needs to act to do the right thing. A man of action. Being the more upfront and genuine man he is, he makes fun of that person to their face. Throw a few punches to make the message sink in a little. Doing so, he does so because he thinks it will buy him a bit of popularity to go the extra-step.

Despite all that, there are moments of truth with John McCain. Moments that he breaks rank with his party and popular opinion because there is something real, something genuine, at stake. A principle worth standing up for. Messages that, through hard-fought life lessons, sunk-in with him. Reducing money's role in politics. Being fiscally responsible. Reforming Immigration policies. Standing up against torture. A few - emphasis on few - others as well.

He got tired of taking orders. Probably because he wasn't very good at it, anyways. When asked to step back into line, he didn't. He is still is a defiant fighter. He still has an edge to him. Someone you don't want to try to out-crazy. That's why he is "The Maverick".

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