Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Presidential Personality Profiles - Barack Obama

Obama is the quintessential "cool kid" that everyone knows, everyone likes, but no one can ever recall having a real conversation with. He gets invited to the party to be the life of it. He comes to the party to make an appearance and, boy, it is quite the appearance. He works the crowds and makes everyone smile and laugh. His aura melts your heart away. It's hard not to like the guy. He is a celebrity.

That is, of course, if you are able to enjoy the limelight of being around the star. Some of the other kids get talking around the punch bowl. They don't want to glow in the shadow of someone else's light. They want to radiate themselves. "Why is everyone so enamored by him? Why doesn't he spread the attention around to people like me?" These other kids aren't friends with him. He wasn't able to charm them into line. Jealousy has taken hold. This is when the rumors get started. A coup has been planned. 

If he was still in high school, the kids' who felt threatened by him would call him "gay." It would spread like wildfire. Some would care, some would not. Everyone would know though. But it's not high school anymore. That phase of life is over. This the real world. The adult world. He gets called a secret muslim, communist from Kenya instead. Now, like then, he just shrugs it all off. What else can he do? Engaging it would stoop down to the level of the people attacking him. Celebrities stop being celebrities when they get caught up in the trenches. Rather, his light shines on.

McCain made it his line of attack to call Obama out on what he was. Doing so seemed to be pretty effective for awhile. Everyone loves the "idea" of Barack Obama, but no one loves the man himself. No one knows who the man himself is. You knew what were getting with McCain. Better or worse (mostly worse), McCain was who he was and there was a long track record of it. As most people who are opposed to celebrities are, McCain had a problem with jealousy. He wanted to outshine the star. His plan to do so was to pick a running mate who would make their team burn a thousand times brighter. Enter Sarah Palin. All of this saying for months that the American public didn't want to elect a celebrity finally backfired. Jealously is one of the seven deadly sins for a reason.

As Obama took the oath of office. The "idea" of Barack Obama began to fade. People were left with the man. Disappointment set in. It had to. No one can ever live up to being an "idea" while governing. 

So, why is Obama that cool kid that no one really knows? That kid that you get their number at a party, but they never return your calls? Some might think its because he thinks he is too cool for you. But thats not it. People only think that way in high school. It's something else. It's because, frankly, he doesn't like people all that much. People are exhuasting. Obama is an introvert. The few spare moments he has, he prefers to relax in his own head; may it be books, or sports, or a number of other things that are socially acceptable to do on your own.

I like the man. His personal approval ratings are through the roof. Yet, I never truly expect to know him. I would be lucky, very lucky, to just be able to understand him.

When no one really knows who you are, no one really knows what matters to you; what your priorities are; where your allegiances lie.  Is that piece of legislation with your name on it something  you wanted or a compromise of a compromise? Did you move that legislation first because you wanted to or because it was easier to do? Did that Wall Street money affect your choices? Are you a sell out or still a true believer? Who, or what, will be thrown under the bus to get re-elected? Or were they always under the bus, but they never knew it? 

I leave you with this. Zapp Brannigan: "I hate these filthy Neutrals, Kif. With enemies you know where they stand but with Neutrals, who knows? It sickens me.

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