Sunday, July 8, 2012

Reflections on Next: The Future Just Happened, Part 2

Next: The Future Just Happened

I always had a hard time writing an autobiography. "I grew up in American Suburbia. The Dallas version." That is not terribly interesting and I am boring myself even writing it.  Here is another, "I went to Grapevine High School. I was not popular. It was awkward as all hell. I made embarrassing mistakes, quite a few of them in fact, and I have my regrets." Not. Terribly. Interesting. Hey, perhaps it humanizes me because most people had similar experiences - but its not exactly the most fun conversation to recall all the moments that I royally screwed up. I didn't do anything that permanently damaged me, so I suppose I made out alright. 

Michael Lewis talks about how all these kids found their way onto a budding internet in order to find themselves - or really, to define themselves. A place where there are no rules and no expectations. A place of limitless information. A place where you can reinvent yourself every 5 minutes and not be troubled by it. A place where nobody cares who you are, but you can be a celebrity nonetheless. For these reasons, the internet always had a special calling for me. I've spent a lot of time here. 

On multiple occasions, I've attempted to start blogs. I always lost interest pretty quickly because I was playing a character in my own head and that character I no longer found interesting. Self reinvented - over and over again. I was a Old Testament history expert, a libertarian philosopher, and an election guru. Never terribly successful, but I had some good conversations, as well as I learned a lot, along the way. 

This time around. I decided to do something different. I created this blog to stop playing a character and to start being myself. I love to know how policy works. Right now, I am in a financial and monetary policy fix - but I am sure that I will go back to my more typical subjects of labor relations, transportation, and campaign finance in a bit. I love to think about old things in new and interesting ways. Books such as Karen Armstrong's History of God and Michael Lewis' Moneyball hit the spot for me. Taking familiar fictional worlds, such as the the Star Wars and Mario universes, and re-imagining them to give them greater depth does it for me as well. I also love cooking great meals using quality ingredients. Pictures will be posted.

These are the things that I am proud of and this is what I am going to attempt to give back to the land of the Internets. This is me.

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