Monday, September 10, 2012

Post #100

"100 ain't what it used to be"

Good News Everybody! This is now my 100th post and I am going to re-brand the blog: Policy Prospectus.

I started writing in June, and finished the month with 165 page views.

In July, there was a total of 634 page views.

August's total was 935 page views.

It's now a week into September and more people have been reading and following my writing this month than all of June and July combined.

Each article is averaging almost 25 viewers. That even counts the articles that I post about food, which no one reads. Not even me. On the flip side, I noticed that peoples attentions' peak when I write about the monetary crisis in Europe as well as do historical pieces of how we got to the policy problem we have today.

Here are the top 5 articles by page views so far:

1) Existential Monetary Crisis (on the euro)
2) Health Care Costs (on bundled payments in health care)
3) The Greek Debt Crisis explained in 30 Seconds (title says it all)
4) End to Euro Crisis, Maybe? (another euro piece)
5) Reflections on Colussus, Part 3 (the historical importance of accounting)

Though it is a bit farfetched, I figure if I can get enough people to read and follow, then maybe,  just maybe, I can get picked up by one of the major media outlets - The Atlantic, Salon, NBC, Washington Post, etc. It would be a dream job.

To give this work an air of officialism, I am re-branding it "Policy Prospectus". I settled on this title for 2 reasons: (1) a financial prospectus gives you the essential facts of what you need to know. A University prospectus gives you a general outline and feel of a school. This blog aims to do the same thing for policy and political issues. (2) I am a fan of alliteration and alligators. (See what I did there?)

Alliteration at its finest.

Thank you everybody for your continued support.

Remember, sharing is caring. Please pass my writing onto your friends and family. :)

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