Monday, November 5, 2012

An insurance company with a military

If you look at federal spending of the United States government (or most national governments for that matter), then you will arrive at a basic truth: the nature of government is an insurance company with a military - attempting to achieve the dual goals of Security and Insurance. 

20 percent of the federal budget is spent on military personnel and equipment in the name of Security. The goal is noble and necessary: keeping the United States safe and the world secure. Hegemony theory works. Perhaps not as well as we would like, but it has been the most successful method of maintaining international peace among major powers in world history.

58 percent of the federal budget is on forms of Insurance. The goal is also noble and humanitarian: protecting the population and providing relief from the hazards of modern life, such as growing old, being poor, and becoming unhealthy. It allows each of us to work our way through our personal darkest hour. These programs also do not work nearly as well as would like, but are more successful than they have ever been before in lifting people out of poverty and letting people retire with dignity.

To simplify the whole election to a single sentence. Do you believe that the United States should put more focus on Security (Romney - Republican), on Insurance (Obama - Democratic), or on neither (Johnson - Libertarian)? 

I know who I am voting for.

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