Thursday, November 8, 2012

Another Silly Idea: The State of Boise

The day after election day, everyone was jubilant with the results. People's interest followed the President, the Senate, the House, and even statewide ballot initiatives. Washington, Maryland, and Maine legalized gay marriage. Michigan approved a bridge to Canada to be built. Colorado and Washington legalized marijuana. Even California voted for higher taxes (crazy thought, eh?).

But there was one non-binding ballot initiative that went way under reported: Puerto Rico voted to become a state. It would become the 51st state in the union, if only the Republicans would let them.

The Senate is bitterly divided. It always has been. In all likelihood, it always will be. In the antebellum period, the nation let in one slave and one free state at the same time in order to ensure that the balance in the Senate was not tilted by letting in new States. Puerto Rico is overwhelmingly liberal and would therefore surely elect 2 Democratic Senators. Republicans are going to want 2 more Senators of their own. 

I looked at a map for a little while. Attempting to locate a place anywhere else that could be let into the union, then surely vote Republican. Not. Going. To Happen. The only thing that makes sense is to take a current state and then divided into two pieces. A state where it could easily be cut in half and the 2 remaining pieces would be balanced in terms of population (at least 500,000 each), not adversely effect too many people, and most assuredly vote Republican.

That's where my terrible idea comes in: Split Idaho into two.

Of the two remaining pieces, one state can remain as Idaho. The other would become Boise. It could be done north/south of East/West. Take your pick. Either way, it would create a partner state for Puerto Rico to come into the union with. Everyone wins.

Next step, designing a flag with 52 stars. 

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