Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The problem of the Republican Party is also urbanization

  • Dot for each state with the size of the dot representing population 
  • Color of dot representing region : (Dark Blue - Northeast; Light Blue - West; Green - South; Red - Midwest)
  • Y Axis: The percentage of the Vote that Obama won (Electoral-vote.com)
  • X Axis: The percentage of the population that lives in urban areas (US Census 2009)
  • Tables made with StatPlanet's USA app
As you can see, there is a positive correlation throughout the nation between the percentage of the vote that Obama won and the percentage of the population that lives in urban areas. It holds true even if you break the country down by region.




Except for the Northeast. There appears to be no relationship between these variables for this region:

Any theories on why?

This is all to say that the Republicans' problems go beyond the minority vote, but also in obtaining the urban one as well. Unless the Republicans make some headway into cities, they are going to be in trouble for the foreseeable future.

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