Tuesday, December 4, 2012

BCS Playoffs

Having a BCS Playoff System for College Football remains a fantasy of many. Here is mine. 

1) Let's start with a normal 8 team bracket of the top 8 finishing in the BCS Rankings for the 2012 season. 

2) Let's say, hypothetically, the higher ranked team wins each of the first two weeks. The BCS Championship Game will then be played two weeks later (after a 1 week bye).

3)  During the weekend of the bye, play the four Major Bowl games with the top 2 teams that are not competing in the Championship Game from each region.  Each winner will be a regional champion and be equally crowned the 3rd place for the 2012 season

If these are the four regions, then the four major bowl games would be:
Orange Bowl (Atlantic): 3 Florida vs 7 Georgia
Sugar (Central): 8 LSU vs 15 Northern Illinois
Fiesta (Mountain): 5 Kansas State vs 9 Texas A&M
Rose (Pacific): 4 Oregon vs 6 Stanford

These would be slightly different games if the number 1 and number 2 seeds lost during the playoff. Hypothetically if Notre Dame lost to Oregon in the semi-finals, then the Sugar Bowl would be 1 Notre Dame vs 8 LSU, while 15 Nothern Illinois gets bumped out of the running. The Rose Bowl would become 6 Stanford vs 13 Oregon State, because 4 Oregon is now playing for a national championship.

4) After the four regional champs are crowned, the National BCS Champion Game will be played the following week. In the original hypothetical, it would be 1 Notre Dame v 2 Alabama. It the revised hypothetical, it would be 4 Oregon vs 2 Alabama.

5) Throughout this 4 week playoff period, the rest of the minor bowl games can be scheduled throughout. Teams that are borderline on a major bowl would have to be scheduled later in the playoff season in order to see if they would make a major bowl game or not.

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