Friday, February 8, 2013

You're pretty fly for a WiFi

The Federal Communications Commission is on the verge of auctioning off certain wavelengths with the intent of them being used to create Super WiFi networks. Unlike the microwave frequencies that traditional WiFi operates on, these new networks would be able to able to extend for miles in all directions and go through concrete.

"Super Wi-Fi has extraordinary potential. What's as exciting is we have a new platform for innovation and we can't anticipate what will happen next." said FCC Chair Genachowski. 

If this plan goes through, it would finally be feasible to create free public hot-spots for all. Who would be better to create these hot-spots that a government agency that is already in charge of bringing information to the residents of rural areas at a minimal cost? An agency that owns real estate throughout the country that could put it to greater use? Perhaps one that is struggling financially and in needed of a new revenue model?

That's right: The US Postal Service.

Someone else came up with the idea first and posted a White House petition for it. If you would like to see this idea at least publicly discussed, then you can sign here. It might turn out to be unfeasible, but at least I would like to get the idea in the hands of some analyst that can dig through it.

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